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Virgin Among The Living Dead (Subtitled) (Wide Screen) (DVD)

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... Virgin Among the Living Dead is held in high regard by Franco fans. Made shortly after the unexpected death of his muse, Soledad Miranda, it’s seen as a more personal, revelatory film than the turgid work-for-hire assignments he was churning out at the same time. It’s the only Franco film ... Read review

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Dull virgin among the tedious living dead Review with images

AdvantagesA couple of nice scenes

DisadvantagesTedious and muddled

"A film only review. A DVD costs £3 on amazon, but if you really want to see this, a region 1 DVD for about a tenner is the better option, as it contains a more complete cut of the film. Jesus Franco has his fans. Although he’s one of the most trying horror directors around, his films do have the occasional flash of visual inspiration, and so he’s picked up a modest cult following. On paper his films – which invariably include nudity, lesbianism ..." Read review

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DVD Description

A castle named the Monserrat Mansion forms the foreboding backdrop to this creepy chiller from legendary horror maestro Jess Franco. Cristina Reiner arrives to witness the reading of her fathers will, only to discover that the rest of her family are already there, awaiting the impending death of Cristina's stepmother. The creepy family members soon appear to have an ulterior motive for their presence, a fact confirmed by the ghost of Cristina's father who appears when death finally catches up with the ailing stepmother. Her attempt to escape the house, and her evil relatives, provide some ghoulish delights in this cult classic.

Product details

Actor(s) Christina Von Blanc, Britt Nichols, Howard Vernon, Paul Muller
Director(s) Jess Franco
Genre Horror
Classification 18 years and over
Production Year 1971
Running Time 1 hour 25 minutes
Video Category World Cinema Feature Film
Country Of Origin France
Plot Christina is called to a small village for the reading of her father's will. Soon after meeting her peculiar family her nights are filled with apparitions and supernatural happenings. French dialogue with subtitles.

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 23/09/2002
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No FCD 119
Show all Product InformationHide additional Product Information
Barcode 5027035002385


Main Language French
Subtitle Language English

Technical information

Aspect Ratio Wide Screen
Sound Dolby Digital
Dubbing Sound Dolby Digital French


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Allegorical, well directed and superbly acted
A little quirky (*)
A feel good comedy.
Subtitles might not be everyone's cup of tea. (*)
similar by Country of Origin (France)
Realism, unique storytelling that works on dozens of levels
ultra violent and graphic, only select audiences will fully appreciate it (*)
Arty moments, poetic
I wouldn't want to see it again (*)
Unique, inspired animation
some find subtitles annoying but there use here is minimal (*)
Visually stunning, incredible use of sound, very talented cast.
Slow start, fairly poor finish. (*)
Talky French drama
Talky French drama (*)
similar by Genre (Horror)
Eerie! Scary! Spooky! Spine-chilling!
After the movie, it makes you think twice about switching off the lights when you go to bed :p (*)
Subtitles (*)
Good zombies, good gore, good horror
Plot a bit weak at the end, the lead actor is awful (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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