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Torchwood: Miracle Day ? Blu-Ray

Torchwood: Miracle Day ? Blu-Ray

One day nobody dies. All across the world nobody dies. And then the next day and the next ... more

and the next people keep ageing - they get hurt
and sick - but they never die. The result: a
population boom overnight. With all the extra
people resources are fi...

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Availability1 Day

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Product details

Actor(s) Eve Myles, Kai Owen
Genre Science Fiction & Fantasy
Classification 15 years and over
Production Year 2011
Colour Colour
Franchise Name Torchwood
Official Website http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0122tc1
Consumer Advice Contains strong bloody violence, gore and bloody injury detail, strong sex and threat
Video Category Television
Country Of Origin United Kingdom

Release details

DVD Region Blu-ray


Main Language English
Subtitle Language English
Hearing Impaired Language English
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Technical information

Special Features 'Magical FX on Miracle Day' Special, Behind the Scenes, Motion Comic, Art Dept Tour, Audio navigation and description
Sound Dolby Digital Stereo, 2.0 Surround

Professional reviews

Review [...]when TORCHWOOD gets the balance right (the rising paranoia, cults, rewritten rules of human behavior), it becomes a rousing, enthralling half-breed. (Hollywood Reporter, 2011-10-19)

[...] the most idea-driven show on television [...] Russell T Davies may have hit on his most fertile premise yet (io9, 2011-10-19)

Series creator Russell T. Davies is a kind of genius when it comes to spinning big sci-fi ideas, and MIRACLE DAY is a doozy (Variety, 2011-10-19)


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