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[This review is also on DooYoo under the same username.] Main Characters: ---------------------- Hal: Jack Black Rosemary: Gwyneth Paltrow Plot: ------ Hal has only ever dated 'beautiful' women, even if their personality sucks. He judges everyone he meets on appearance, and even tries to ... Read review
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Shallow Hal [DVD]

Shallow Hal [DVD]

After a succession of hugely successfully movies of a lower brow nature, Shallow Hal finds ... more

the Farrelly Brothers attempting a slightly more
thoughtful film, albeit still tied up in their
trademark toilet humour. It's an approach that is
not unproblematic but not unsuccessful either,
resulting in a film that engages the emotions in a
manner that the likes of Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin
and There's Something About Mary never suggested
possible.  Jack Black is the Hal of the title, a
man whose less than commendable attitude to women
is suddenly altered by the rather
credibility-stretching plot device of a chance
meeting with a hypnotist. Henceforth Hal is only
capable of seeing the beauty within, a development
that allows for much humour at the expense of the
less fortunate in the name of some sort of social
comment. From it all, however, emerges a quite
touching love story with Paltrow's character
Rosemary and proof that the Farrellys do have
something of a sensitive side--no matter how deep
it may be buried. The ending may be woefully
predictable, but such is the deftness of touch
with which the story is told, that it is still the
one we are all rooting for. This is a sickly sweet
film in the truest terms. On the DVD:Shallow Hal
comes with a plethora of extras on disc, including
a series of mini-documentaries and TV specials,
all of which plug the film but offer very little
insight. That does come, however, from the handily
subtitled directors' commentary, which
demonstrates clearly the clash of cultures
occurring in the movie. As well as commenting on
the physical appearance of every female cast
member who passes before the camera, the brothers
also pay touching tribute to a colleague who
passed away during the shoot and seem to know the
name of every single extra and crew member who
worked on the project, surely a rarity in these
days of big budgets and faceless studios. There is
also a large selection of deleted scenes, also
with added commentary, a perfunctory music video
from Shelby Lynne and a documentary on some of the
technical aspects of the film. --Phil Udell

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Shallow Hal [2002] [DVD]

Shallow Hal [2002] [DVD]

Shallow Hal

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Shallow Hal (movie)

Shallow Hal (movie)

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Shallow Hal Dvd

Shallow Hal Dvd

shallow hal dvd please note this is a region 2 dvd and will require a region 2 or region ... more

free dvd player in order to play hal larsen is the
ultimate shallow guy hal finds beauty only in
supermodels and centrefolds the first thing he
looks for in a woman is looks hal won t even
consider dating someone with a less than perfect
body smile and sense of style but after an
impromptu hypnosis by self help guru tony robbins
hal s view of woman makes a 180 degree turn he now
sees their true inner beauty

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Shallow Hal [blu-ray] [2001]

Shallow Hal [blu-ray] [2001]

ean 5039036061155 title shallow hal sku dv 001329667 v product category dvds binding blu ... more

ray director bobby farrelly pete label 20 th
century fox home entertainment release date 27 05
2013 discs 1 height 15 mm width 138 mm length 180
mm weight 82 grams language english manufacturer
20 th century fox home entertainment publisher 20
th century fox home entertainment studio 20 th
century fox home entertainment actor jack black
gwyneth paltrow jason alexander joe viterelli
bruce mcgill running time

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Community Level 1M11N91


Shallow Hal - People Could Learn Something From This...

AdvantagesGreat Acting, Great Moral.

DisadvantagesLittle Too Far-Fetched?

"...concern to me just how shallow people are beginning to get. The acting is great, especially on Paltrow's part. She really plays the role perfectly; she relays all the emotions to the audience, for example, when she and Hal are in a restaurant and the chair breaks, the look on her face is of annoyance that it 'always happens' but yet you can see in her eyes that she is hurt and frustrated. On the outside she looks confident in her skin, yet you can ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 5xalala


Shallow Hal - surprisingly deep

AdvantagesNice film, not too demanding, seeing Gwynnie in a fat suit ;o)

DisadvantagesSlightly too long, unmemorable soundtrack

"...dates beautiful women, he's very shallow (as you might expect from the film's title), and judges entirely by appearances. But, in a slight twist, this is entirely because he is following his dying father's last wish, that he should only date beautiful women. I'm not sure what the knowledge of this twist is meant to bring to the film, unless it's to raise the question in the audience's mind that perhaps Hal isn't so shallow after all (er, come on, ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Not Quite As Shallow As It May First Appear!

Advantages Funny

Disadvantages Slightly Politically Incorrect

"Shallow Hal is a Farrelly Brothers Film that was first released back in 2001. Farrelly Bothers are synonymous with making Comedy Films that are shall we say, slightly Politically incorrect. This Film is no exception since the majority of its laughs seem to come from making fun of people that are overweight. However if you analyse this Film more closely you actually realise that it is also poking fun at people that are shallow enough to judge a person ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Shallow, Thy Name is Hal

Advantagesfunny, good idea for a story

Disadvantagesat times slightly offensive

"...she is perfection personified to shallow Hal. In reality, she is a much larger-than-average woman. But Hal does not see the reality and finds himself falling in love with her, in spite of her defensive attitude whenever he admires the way she looks. He is immensely threatened by her Peace Corps ex-boyfriend and almost feels insecure for the first time in his life as he wonders how he measures up to this perfect guy (little does he know that it is ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 7dabmim


Hal of a Laugh

Advantagessome laughs


"...heard on the TV that Shallow Hal was being denoted as an insult against fat people! Apparently a lot of people (fat and otherwise) in the USA had claimed it was insulting! Having an extra stone or two myself, I felt the need to investigate (ok-so I wanted to watch the film too). Gweneth Paltrow plays the leading lady 'Rosemary'. Rosemary’s father (Joe Viterilli) is the owner of a big co-operation in the USA and is Irish. Rosemary’s ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

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DVD Description

Directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly continue their string of hilarious oddball comedies with SHALLOW HAL. Hal (Jack Black of HIGH FIDELITY) is a "regular guy" who has no luck with women because he only wants to be with women who look like supermodels. Then self-help guru Tony Robbins hypnotizes Hal so that he can see a woman's inner beauty. When Hal meets Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), a Peace Corps volunteer who is smart and funny, he thinks his dreams have come true. Others, like Hal's slimy friend Mauricio (Jason Alexander), see Rosie for what she is, a 300-pound woman, but Hal can only see the beauty on the inside, so to him she looks like, well, Gwyneth Paltrow.
Black shines in his first starring role. His engagingly manic energy keeps the film in high gear. Paltrow skillfully plays Rosemary as an obese woman in a thin woman's body. The Farrelly brothers' comedies work so well because they mix off-the-wall humor with characters the audience identifies with and cares about. SHALLOW HAL is outrageous and funny, occasionally exceeding the bounds of good taste, but it's also a touching love story. Fans of Black's band, Tenacious D, will be happy to see bandmate Kyle Gass in a small role.

Product details

Actor(s) Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, Jason Alexander, Joe Viterelli, Susan Ward, Kyle Gass, Laura Kightlinger
Director(s) Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Genre Comedy - Romantic
Classification 12 years and over
Production Year 2001
Running Time 1 hour 48 minutes
Video Category Feature Film
Plot Hal's luck with the ladies changes when he is hypnotised into seeing the inner beauty of women.

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Studio(s) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Deluxe Video Service - Fox
Release date 21/06/2004
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No 22971 DVD
Barcode 5039036010412
Show all Product InformationHide additional Product Information
Featured Tony Robbins


Main Language English
Subtitle Language Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish
Hearing Impaired Language English

Technical information

Special Features 11 Deleted Scenes, Directors Commentary By The Farrelly Brothers, HBO Behind The Scenes Mini Documentary, 3 Featurettes, Music Video By Shelby Lynne, Theatrical Trailer, Easter Egg
Aspect Ratio 1.85 Wide Screen
Sound Dolby Digital 5.1
Dubbing Sound Dolby Digital 5.1 English


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