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... I understand he's expanded on this character from Saving Grace for his "Doc Martin" films/TV series). He is also in love with Nicky, while being in cahoots with Matthew in his illicit pot growing. Set in picturesque Cornwall, Nigel Cole makes his big-screen film direction debut with this ... Read review
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Saving Grace [2000] [DVD]

Saving Grace [2000] [DVD]

A sweet, silly and sincere comedy, Saving Grace resembles a Cheech and Chong pothead ... more

comedy, only instead of two scruffy lowlifes the
film is about an aimless Scottish gardener and a
middle-aged widow with a green thumb. Grace
(Brenda Blethyn of Secret...

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Saving Grace ? DVD

Saving Grace ? DVD

When her husband jumped out of a plane without a parachute Grace Trevethen knew life would ... more

get tough... but she had no idea just how tough.
Left with a manor on the Cornish coast a mountain
of debt and dozens of creditors on her heels she
is about to l...

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Saving Grace - Rita Macneil

Saving Grace - Rita Macneil

Release Date: 2012-11-06, Audio CD, Koch Canada

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Saving Grace [2000] [dvd]

Saving Grace [2000] [dvd]

ean 5039036005982 title saving grace sku dv 001032056 v product category dvds binding dvd ... more

region code 2 director nigel cole format pal label
20 th century fox home ent release date 14 01 2002
discs 1 height 15 mm width 136 mm length 192 mm
weight 82 grams language english manufacturer 20
th century fox home ent publisher 20 th century
fox home ent studio 20 th century fox home ent
actor brenda blethyn craig ferguson martin clunes
tchéky karyo jamie foreman running time 88 mpn
5039036005982 about

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Saving Grace - Dvd - - Sealed

Saving Grace - Dvd - - Sealed

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Saving Grace - Tom McGregor

Saving Grace - Tom McGregor

Pages: 224, Edition: Film tie-in edition, Paperback, HarperCollins Entertainment

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As the only daughter of a successful businesswoman, Grace grew up with nothing but the ... more

best. Sheltered by her single mother and educated
in an exclusive private school in Detroit, Grace
was not ready for the harsh realities of an
unforgiving world. Grace's naiveti coupled with
her desire to experience life on her own terms
leads her down a path of emotional devastation and
physical abuse. Through a chance encounter Grace
meets Mike, a successful design artist who
introduces her to a relationship very different
from her usual one-night-stands and affairs with
married men. Things take a turn for the worse
however when Grace's roommate walks in on her and
her married personal trainer in their apartment.
This betrayal tears apart Mike and Grace's romance
and shatters the trust and friendship between
Grace and Trina. In the midst of torn
relationships and a life-shattering loss, Grace is
left with no one to turn to except the God she
thought had long since abandoned her.

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Community Level 7TheChocola...


Gracefully Funny

AdvantagesFun acting, excellent timing, beautiful setting, lots of laughs

DisadvantagesNo smell-o-vision!!!!! Too smooth an ending.

"...expanded on this character from Saving Grace for his "Doc Martin" films/TV series). He is also in love with Nicky, while being in cahoots with Matthew in his illicit pot growing. Set in picturesque Cornwall, Nigel Cole makes his big-screen film direction debut with this picture. Cole takes full advantage of all the possible twists a script like this can offer, and keeps the stereotypes to an absolute minimum - drawing upon them only when slapstick ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 5lizrow


"Matthew.. Will You Give Me One??" Review with images

AdvantagesSo funny!! Martin Clunes is in it and he's funny

DisadvantagesDrug use can seem too lax

"...says the film is about; saving Grace (Brenda Blethyn), a middle aged widow whose passion is gardening and whose husband has just died and left her in thousands and thousands of pounds worth of debt. Due to failed business plans and mortgaging and re-mortgaging their home, Grace is desperate. And just to add salt to the wound, her husband's mistress turns up at the funeral but she ends up playing a fital part later on in the film. Her lovely sexy gardener, ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 2Jacqs2010


Saving Grace, the British Film Industry at its best

AdvantagesHilarious,fantastic characters, brilliant casting


"Saving Grace is a heartwarming tale of a widow left high and dry by her cheating husband. A ruined woman after the death of her husband Grace has to find her way out of the finacial ruin she has been left in, this takes her on a journey she would never dreamed of embarking on. Set in a Cornish fishing village, Grace is the lady of the manor. She is an active and well loved member of her community, as we see when a WI meeting hosted at her house ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 8thingywhat...



AdvantagesBritish Humour at its best.


"...lot to do with her saving her home, plants that are of a somewhat illegal nature. The interaction of village people, the village priest, doctor, and bobby are so funny, you have to see this film to appreciate it. A gentle film that brings British comedy into modern living in a way that makes me think of all things British. Do watch this movie. The actual price I paid was eight pounts from E'bay on DVD, but it was the best eight pounds that ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 3avitallly


You'll Have to Locate her First

AdvantagesWasted Old Ladies

DisadvantagesLacks some sort of je ne sais quoi

"The plot: Blethyn's husband dies and leaves her with huge debts. She collaborates with the gardener, and the two of them hatch a smokin' plot to rescue her house and lifestyle from the ruthless debt collectors. The confusion: I found it really difficult to get into the story as I was distracted by the confusion as to where the is set. The ecletic mix of Irish, Scottish, London and Cornish accents are totally confusing. And that's just when the ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

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DVD Description

SAVING GRACE is genuinely funny British comedy about Grace, a recently widowed woman who risks losing her wonderful estate and beautiful garden because of the huge debts her husband left when he died. To cure her financial ailments, she uses her horticultural talent to raise--and then sell--marijuana plants. But, when Grace gets herself caught between the police, some serious London drug pushers, and the real estate agents who have a claim on the estate, audiences will certainly turn a blind eye to the law in order to "save Grace."

Product details

Actor(s) Brenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson, Martin Clunes, Tcheky Karyo, Jamie Foreman, Bill Bailey, Valerie Edmond, Leslie Phillips, Clive Merrison, Diana Quick
Director(s) Nigel Cole
Genre Comedy
Classification 15 years and over
Production Year 2000
Running Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Video Category Feature Film
Plot Grace Trevethan finds herself in serious debt after her husband dies falling from an aeroplane with no parachute. Her gardener Matthew suggests that Grace could help grow his marijuana plants and they convert her greenhouse into a pot farm... now all they have to do is sell it and collect the cash...

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Studio(s) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Deluxe Video Service - Fox
Release date 14/01/2002
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No 19359 DVD
Barcode 5039036005982
Show all Product InformationHide additional Product Information
Costume Designer Eve Stewart
Composer Mark Russell
Producer Mark Crowdy
Screenwriter Craig Ferguson, Mark Crowdy
Director of Photography John de Borman
Production Designer Eve Stewart


Main Language English

Technical information

Special Features Featurette - 1. THE MAKING OF SAVING GRACE, Trailer - 1. Original Theatrical, Interviews - 1. Cast & Crew
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Wide Screen
Sound Dolby Digital 5.1
Dubbing Sound Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Professional reviews

Review "...SAVING GRACE is good-hearted and all in good fun, told -- and enjoyed -- in a relaxed state of mind..." (Box Office, p.224, 01/04/2000)

"...Ganja silliness ensues..." -- Rating: B (Entertainment Weekly, p.54, 05/01/2001)

"...Mr. Ferguson is a leading contender for the title of World's Most Amusing Scot..." (New York Times, p.E25, 04/08/2000)

"...A crowd-pleasing comedy....Blethyn's solid-gold charm turns SAVING GRACE into a comic high..." (Rolling Stone, p.82, 31/08/2000)

"...With its lush photography and pleasing romantic angle, this old-fashioned comedy is funny enough to generate a buzz..." -- 3 out of 4 stars (USA Today, p.4E, 04/08/2000)


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