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By the Numbers

AdvantagesFans of Chris Evans' physique are in for a treat.

DisadvantagesLazy direction and writing and a lack of imagination.

"Ally’s life has just taken a turn for the worst. Not only has she lost her job, but she’s just read in a magazine that any woman who has slept with over twenty men risks remaining single forever. She’s desperate not to add to her tally and so enlists her neighbour Colin to track down her exes, just in case she has overlooked the man of her dreams. Her journey of rediscovery leads her back to Disgusting Donald, a terribly nice Englishman named Simon ..." Read review

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Ally's looking for the best ex of her life.

AdvantagesLikeable characters, good story, funny


"Recently there seems to have been absolutely nothing on TV so I have been watching films on Sky that I would never normally watch. What’s your Number was one of these films, and I begrudgingly settled down to watch it snuggled under a blanket last week full of cold. The film follows Ally who seems to attract men and lots of them, but not exactly marriage material kind of men. When she reads a magazine article that breaks down the number of men you ..." Read review

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What's Your Number? - original plot but...

AdvantagesOriginal Plot

DisadvantagesPoor acting,

"One of the only reasons I decided to watch this movie was because of my obsession with Chris Evans. After seeing him in Captain America I was hoping that perhaps he would be able to show off his acting skills again in this movie, but unfortunately I was disappointed. I had an inkling prior to watching this movie that it wasn't going to be very good because personally I don't see Anna Faris as a very serious actress after seeing her in House Bunny ..." Read review

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Feel The Romance Behind The Comedy

Advantagesthe comedy and the romance feeling are balance. it's not too funny or too over for the romance.

Disadvantagesthe story is pretty flat and if it's not comedy, i think it will be a bit boring

"This story is about a girl, Ally Darling who doesn't want to add another number for her numbers of ex-boyfriend. She already had 20 ex-boyfriend and afraid to make it 21. She thinks that one of her exes may have been the one that got away. So, she plans to marry one of her exes. She asks for help to her neighbor, Collin, to find Ally's exes and for the return Collin can hide in Ally's apartment to avoiding the girl he slept with. This movie gives ..." Read review

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Funny, Attention Grabbing - What's your number

AdvantagesFunny, Great story line, Great balance

DisadvantagesSomewhat predictable

"What's your number is a hilarious romantic comedy. Unlike many romantic comedies, What's your number is packed with comedy and sprinkled with romance. This movie literally grasp for your attention, keeping you laughing all the way through. I loved watching this movie because it's full of real life experiences and makes you ponder if any woman is really that crazy about her "number." In this movie it is stated that any guy that is worth it, will not ..." Read review

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What's Your Number? (dvd)

What's Your Number? (dvd)

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