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Community Level 2spidercallum


A New Evil Awakens

AdvantagesGreat storyline and excellent fighting scenes

DisadvantagesNo chemistry between any of the actors, doesn't have the real Evy in it

"...I thought I'd review all The Mummy films in one week as I've just watched them all from start to beginning, including The Scorpion King. If you've read my two previous reviews you'll know that I watched the first two Mummys in order to go and see this at the movies with my girlfriend and her parents, so I was expecting quite a bit from it. I knew this wouldn't be nearly as good as the first two movies, mainly because Evy's character wasn't played ..." Read review

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Time to put this one to rest?

AdvantagesDecent effects

DisadvantagesShould not have been done - see review

"...given that I quite enjoyed the first two films, I must admit I had high expectations of it. Story If you’ve not seen the first two films and want to see these in sequence, this review probably has spoilers. I guess the existence of the third film counts as a spoiler anyhow! The film is a sequel to two previous films, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Unlike those two films, however, it takes on a new angle and has some significant ..." Read review

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A New Evil Awakens

AdvantagesNot much.

DisadvantagesAll of it.

"...always been a fan of the Mummy series, as you can tell from my previous two reviews and think the main reason why they were so good, wasn't because it was action filled, but because of the chemistry between Evie (Rachel Weisz) and Rick (Brendan Fraser). From the first film, they managed to bring you into the film and the chemistry was just magic, as well as the added bonus of Jonathan (John Hannah). However this is where this film failed. Rachel ..." Read review

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More of A Dummy

AdvantagesIt proves Stephen Sommers isn't as big a hack as previously thought.

DisadvantagesThe direction, the writing, the acting, the effects...

"...Chinese catacombs, he inadvertently unearths the dreaded Dragon Emperor and his army of ten thousand warriors. The fearsome tyrant had once laid waste to the eastern world but sorceress Zi Juan bound him and his soldiers with a powerful curse. But when he is awoken he again plots world domination with his undead army. These infernal fighters cannot be stopped by conventional means so Alex enlists his father Rick, his mother Evelyn and his Uncle Jonathan ..." Read review

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Mummy 3: A new generation of trouble seeking!

AdvantagesFun action and adventure

DisadvantagesSome poor acting

"...be forgiven for momentarily overlooking the adventure rolic from director Rob Cohen: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. It is the third film in the Mummy series, and it has been a long 7 years waiting for this one to be made. Popular demand a high success rate for films revisiting past successes (Rambo, Rocky, etc) has pushed Brendan Fraser's Rick O'Connell to find more trouble in the mid-20th Century, and Cohen was only too happy to take a seat ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Fiver29


I want my mummy

AdvantagesFamily fun

DisadvantagesVery farfetched

"...their boots and opt for the quite life of book clubs and fishing. That is until her majesties government ask them to do just one little favour. A simple task, all they have to do is take the Eye of Shangri-la back to China. Meanwhile their son Alex has decided to undertake his own adventure. Unbeknownst to Rick and Evie, Alex has forsaken his studies in favour of unearthing The Dragon Emperor Han, who was an evil emperor in ancient China. Han ..." Read review

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Silly Mummy!

AdvantagesGood CGI, lots of action scene!

DisadvantagesToo many to mention!

"Released this year, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is the third installment in The Mummy series of movies. The movie is directed by Rob Cohen, who also directed such films as The Fast and the Furious and XXX. The movie stars Brendan Fraser and John Hannah, as in the first two movies, and also Maria Bello, who replaces Rachel Weisz, and kung-fu legend Jet Li. Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford) has followed in his father's footsteps to become a leading ..." Read review

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I thought this was the mummy not a cheesey rip off

AdvantagesBrendon Fraiser and Jet Li

DisadvantagesC*** CGI

"...liked this film but what the hell was this director thinking!? This is the one film that should have been left out and for good reasons! Last that I knew when there was a mummy they were covered in bandages and all that like in the mummy and the mummy returns. It really should have been left and this film made Brendon Fraiser a little shabby as an actor if I'm honest. So the story is, the married couple are desperate for an adventure and what their ..." Read review

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Yeti attack!

AdvantagesGreat graphics and some good humerous moments.

DisadvantagesMore storyline needed and repetitve fight scenes.

"...47 minutes The third film in the mummy series although Imhotep does not appear in this. It has been several years since the mummy returns and the O'Connell family haven't seen each other for a long time, their son Alex (Luke Ford) has dropped out of school without them knowing and has become an archeaologist. Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Maria Bello) have gotten rich from Evelyn's books about Dash and Scarlet who battle a mummy that comes ..." Read review

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Community Level 3JennyWren09


The Mummy 3



"==Plot== In the Far East Alex O’Connor, son of Rick and Evy O’Connor is about to make an archaeological discovery to match anything his parents ever found. He has found the tomb of the first Emperor of China Han. Having moved the Emperor to a museum he is awoken and once again the O’Connor family find themselves doing battle with a Mummy to prevent him from returning and taking over the planet. ==The Film== I’ve seen both of the previous Mummy ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mvic


Not Bad, Not Good

AdvantagesSure you see some beautiful scenery

DisadvantagesNothing special

"...something very comparable, which are the previous volumes. People always wanna compare a sequel with it's previous, and they always want something better. From my point of view, you'll not gonna get these by watching the third of this mummy series. Plot Not very different from the last volume, this adventurous husband and wive get a mission to recover something archaeological...... then they meet the mummy......then its all become a greatest battle ..." Read review

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Community Level 2m4tt_king


The Mummy: Tomb of the Generic Sequel

AdvantagesNew Mummy

DisadvantagesSame old Storyline

"...I'm not here to bash the Mummy. It is one of my favorite film trilogies of all time. The first two films I felt were pretty decent attempts at action movies and I enjoyed paying to watch them. Then I heard that the Mummy 3 was being released...So I rented it...and reviewed it. Acting and script *** There isn't much to say about the acting in this film. It's hardly up to the standards of an Oscar sweeping epic but then again it isn't an Oscar ..." Read review

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Community Level 5soutram


The Mummy: Worst film ive seen for a while


Disadvantagesvery long & boring

"...seeing this film previewed at the cinema & thought the trailer looked quite good so I finally decided to watch it, only problem is the trailer seems to be the best bit about the film! This film is flat out awful and its probably the worse sequel I have seen. The visual effects were not brilliant to say the least. If there was ever was a need for a example of how bad a sequel can get, this film is it. The other Mummy films were not that brilliant ..." Read review

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worst mummy ever!


Disadvantagesstupid storyline.

"...but for mummy hell no!Why the hell would they set the movie in china and why would they chose a different actress but the same actor.I can describe how bad the movie i in 30 words but unfortunately I can't because of the rules so I'll go with the long version.Worst casting ever!Stupid location!To hell acting destroyed the whole mummy trilogy if they moved the movie to other place it might have been better than this.The new actress said they might ..." Read review

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Community Level 2daxus100


The toomb of the dragon emperor

AdvantagesAction packed fun movie


"I have just finished watching the tomb of the dragon emperor and have to say I have really enjoyed it. Normally as we all know sequals can be a little dreary and this being the forth in The mummy series made me question how good it would be . The story is about Alex who is the O'connels son,he is now grown up and on his first major artefact dig when he discovers the tomb of the dragon emperor, he brings the emperor back to his museum where some unscrupuless ..." Read review

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [DVD] [2008]

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [DVD] [2008]

The third film in the The Mummy series freshens the franchise up by setting the action in ... more

China. There, the discovery of an ancient
emperor's elaborate tomb proves a feather in the
cap of Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford), a young
archaeologist and son of Ric...

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The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor ? DVD

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor ? DVD

Filled with spectacular action and sharp banter The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ... more

finds the dashing Rick and Evelyn O'Connell
(Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello who took over for
Rachel Weisz) called upon for another world-saving
adventure. The film o...

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