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... There is something which happens at the very beginning of Rest Stop before Jesse and Nicole begin their journey to Los Angeles, and although I can tally it up with the rest of the film up to a point, there was something about that opening which didnít lie comfortably or sensibly with the ... Read review
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Busch Lake & Rest Stop

Busch Lake & Rest Stop

This scenery part contains a small lake a place to rest with a picnic table and benches ... more

and a trash container The lake invites you to go
swimming while hikers relax and have a lunch at
the rest stop The green trash container indicates
that no garbage should be left on the table or
ground This scenery part is an ideal companion to
the Busch Tunnel with Stream and Wooden Footbridge
H0 3016 Size approx 300 x 180 mm

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Rest Stop: Don't Look Back - Bear McCreary

Rest Stop: Don't Look Back - Bear McCreary

Release Date: 2008-10-21, Audio CD, La-La Land

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The Rest Stop: Gay Hardcore - Dick Parker

The Rest Stop: Gay Hardcore - Dick Parker

Pages: 50, Paperback, BLVNP Incorporated

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The perils of using the loo!

AdvantagesThe story idea is good, but too similar to what has been done before, moderately entertaining

DisadvantagesToo loud, too much darkness, horrible characters, badly put together

"...the couple drives into a rest stop area in a very remote and isolated part of the countryside. Nicole does what she has to do in the filthy bathroom, then on going back outside, discovers that Jesse has vanished, seemingly without a trace. Nicole is naturally worried, and hunts around to see if thereís anyone, like the caretaker of the rest stop, who can help. She senses somebody is around, but apart from hearing the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3phoenix221...


Seen one, seen them all

Advantages Good for a laugh

DisadvantagesSame as all the other hack type films

"...yes you guessed it, the rest stop and from there things go from bad to worse. Plagued by a psychotic truck driver this is one place you would not want to rest. Nicole goes to the bathroom and returns to find her boyfriend missing. Unbeknown to her he has been taken to an old school bus to be tortured beyond imagination, whilst she is stuck at the rest stop with the pyscho dropping in from time to time. I think the characters were not given enough ..." Read review

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DVD Description

On a road trip to Hollywood, runaway lovers Jess and Nicole decide to pull into a deserted rest stop. But they get more than microwave burritos when Jess vanishes and Nicole is left to face a terrifying psychopath with murder on his mind and a penchant for sharp pointy tools. Gore lovers rejoice!

Product details

Genre Horror
Classification 18 years and over
Production Year 2006
Colour Colour
Running Time 1 hour 22 minutes
Consumer Advice Contains strong bloody horror and violence
Video Category Feature Film

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 11/06/2007
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No D 083815
Barcode 7321900838153

Technical information

Special Features Interactive menu
Sound Dolby Digital


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similar by Price (up to 5 GBP)
Some interesting gore
Not interesting enough! (*)
The very beginning of the film, the music
Scrappy, many loopholes, mediocre acting, poorly presented special effects, boring (*)
Fantastic movie if you have avoided the hype
Could have been marginally longer (*)
Will scare mums and 12-year-olds
Cliche and staid (*)
Story, visuals, characters, the acting
Not as scary as it could have easily been (*)
Good graphics and a good remake.
I wanted the ordinal gonna get you song in this film (*)
There is some good gore and some funny bits
It's predictable and tiresome - shame on you Alexandre Aja! (*)
Still scary...
...but not quite as scary! (*)
Innovative and possessing some depth
Not exactly user-friendly (*)
Not scary (*)
similar by Media Format (DVD)
good acting, spooky jumpy parts, good story
pace of film, not scary enough, needs more involvement with other characters (*)
Hawke's acting pulls you in; fairly original ideas.
Some disturbing imagery (although it is a horror flick!) (*)
Watchable, the character of Uncle Red
The narration, poor special effects, the vicar! (*)
Decent cast, special effects/action, some humour
Story/script felt lacking ('lazy') overall, not very memorable (*)
Great if you love the games.
Shouldn't be ritualistically compared to the games. Won't appeal to the masses. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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