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... The major objection that we can arise about "Regular Lovers" is its long duration. Three hours (almost unjustified), that together with the contemplative slowness of the film, will push away plenty spectators of this piece. And is sad it happens that way. "Regular Lovers" is a rigorous ... Read review
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Community Level 5octavio.te...


L'amour et la revolution en marche… Review with images

AdvantagesRigorous demonstration of the best French cinema.

DisadvantagesToo long.

"The French Phillipe Garrel, with this very long "Les Amants Reguliers", a story of rebellion and love between two youngsters, "products" of their own time, tell us about the lost and disenchantment brought by the end of the revolution and the lost opportunity of a entire generation, in a existential meditation, in a small and tense poetic composition about the complete failure of an ideology. To do so, Garrel invokes an entire arsenal of cinematic ..." Read review

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DVD Description

Francois and Lilie fall in love against the backdrop of the May 1968 student riots in Paris, but will their relationship stand the test of this turbulent time?

Strikingly shot in black & white and winner of a Silver Lion award at the 2005 Venice Film Festival - By detailing this difficult chapter in French history, Regular Lovers makes for a great companion piece to Bernardo Bertolucci's THE DREAMERS.

Product details

Actor(s) Louis Garrel, Louis Garrel, Clotilde Hesme, Clotilde Hesme, Eric Rulliat, Eric Rulliat, Julien Lucas, Julien Lucas, Nicolas Bridet, Nicolas Bridet
Director(s) Philippe Garrel
Genre Drama - Romantic
Classification 18 years and over
Production Year 2005
Colour Black & White
Running Time 2 hours 51 minutes
Video Category World Cinema Feature Film
Country Of Origin France
Plot Francois and Lilie fall in love against the backdrop of the May 1968 student riots in Paris, but will their relationship stand the test of this turbulent time?

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 23/10/2006
No of Discs 1
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Catalogue No ART 318DVD
Barcode 5021866318301


Main Language French
Subtitle Language English

Technical information

Special Features Venice Film Festival Conference - with Philippe Garrel, Louis Garrel and Clotilde Hesme, Theatrical Trailer, Filmographies
Aspect Ratio 1.33 Full Screen
Sound Dolby Digital 2.0

Professional reviews

Review Mesmerizing...Epic...Sublimely beautiful...An affectionate, dreamlike elegy to youthful idealism (Film Comment, 2006-09-05)

Louis Garrel confirms himself as one of the most compelling new French performers of the moment (London Film Festival, 2006-09-05)

Strikingly original...Highly textured, expressive photography (Screen International, 2006-09-05)

A black and white love letter to the 1960's... (Garrel) a brooding, impossibly beautiful leading man (The Sunday Times, 2006-09-05)


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