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Murphy's Law Series 2 (DVD)

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Murphy's Law: Series 2 [DVD] [2003]

Murphy's Law: Series 2 [DVD] [2003]

Starring: Claudia Harrison, James Nesbitt, Del Synnott, Mark Benton James Nesbitt stars as ... more

maverick undercover cop Thomas Murphy in this
crime series from writer Colin Bateman. This
release includes Series Two of Murphy's Law.

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Murphy's Law - Series 2 ? DVD

Murphy's Law - Series 2 ? DVD

Murphy is forced to take on a number of different personalities when he goes undercover; ... more

whether hunting for a serial killer who is
stalking London's West End or searching to
discover whether racist bullying led to promising
young police officer commit...

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DVD Description

James Nesbitt (COLD FEET, WAKING NED DEVINE, WILD ABOUT HARRY) stars as a loner undercover cop in this TV series that is highly praised by audiences. The series is based on novelist Colin Batemas's MURPHY's LAW about the adventures of a maverick cop who is more concerned with his work than he is in having a personal life.

Product details

Actor(s) James Nesbitt, Claudia Harrison, James Nesbitt, Claudia Harrison
Genre Action & Adventure
Classification 15 years and over
Colour Colour
Running Time 5 hours 6 minutes
Video Category Television

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 28/08/2006
No of Discs 2
Catalogue No 3711521773
Producer Tom Sherry, Sanne Craddick, Tom Sherry, Sanne Craddick
Screenwriter Colin Bateman, Colin Bateman
Author Colin Bateman
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Barcode 5037115217738


Main Language English

Professional reviews

Review Another glorious Murphy yarn from the pen of cracking novelist Colin Bateman the Quentin Tarantino of South Armagh (The Guardian, )

An engrossing performance from Nesbitt, the show boasts some Mulder and Scully style frisson between Murphy and his boss DI Annie Guthrie (The Newsletter, )


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