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Set during the Teutonic invasion of Poland in the 15th century, KNIGHTS OF THE TEUTONIC ORDER follows the plight of one Polish knight and his family, who are captured by the cruel Tutonic knights. Based on the novel by Nobel Prize-winning Polish author and fierce patriot Henryk Sienkiewicz, the 1960 film boasts some spectacularly authentic-looking battle scenes, on par with sword and sandal epics like SPARTACUS.

Product details

Director(s) Aleksander Ford
Genre Drama
Classification Parental Guidance
Production Year 1960
Colour Colour
Running Time 2 hours 45 minutes
Video Category World Cinema Feature Film
Country Of Origin Poland
Plot A Polish knight and his family are captured by the invading Tutonic knights in this sweeping historical epic.

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 06/11/2006
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No SECONDRUN 019
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Barcode 5060114150126


Main Language Polish

Technical information

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