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This is essential viewing for any War film buffs.Based on the true story of H.M.S Torrin and her eventual demise,this is a brilliantly acted and directed movie.The story follows the Torrin from her construction in an English shipyard to her sinking off the coast of Crete during World War 2.The ... Read review
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In Which We Serve (Restored) [DVD]

In Which We Serve (Restored) [DVD]

Based on the true story of Lord Louis Mountbatten's destroyer HMS Kelly, In Which We Serve ... more

is one of the most memorable British films made
during World War II. Unfolding in flashback as
survivors cling to a dingy, constantly strafed by
the Luftwaffe, the film recounts the history of
HMS Torrin through various battles to her sinking
off the coast of North Africa, interwoven with the
onshore lives of her crew. The film was the
inspiration of Noel Coward, who desperately wanted
to do something for the war effort, and he
produced, wrote the screenplay, composed the
stirring musical score and starred as Captain
Edward Kinross. Coward also officially
co-directed, though in reality he soon handed the
reigns over to David Lean, whose directorial debut
this became. There is a fine performance from
Celia Johnson, anticipating her character in Lean
and Coward's Brief Encounter (1946) and excellent
support from John Mills, as well as a star-making
debut from an uncredited Richard Attenborough. The
use of real navy and army personal as extras,
together with lavish studio production and
authentic shipboard location footage lends the
film a sense of realism unusual for the time. A
landmark in the careers of many of the most
important names in British film, this moving and
occasionally harrowing classic has a vital place
in the development of British cinema. On the DVD:
The image is presented in a close approximation of
the original 1.37:1 Academy ratio using a print
that is good for its age but which would benefit
from some restoration, several scenes showing
notable damage. The sound is robust mono, though
the main title music is very distorted. Speech is
very clear. Extras are the original trailer, a
stills gallery set to music from the film and a
23-minute retrospective documentary. This last is
excellent, containing information on how to
simulate bullets hitting water using condoms, and
interviews with surviving members of the
production including Sir John Mills and
cinematographer Ronald Neame. --Gary S Dalkin

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In Which We Serve (restored) [dvd]

In Which We Serve (restored) [dvd]

ean 5037115300430 title in which we serve restored sku dv 001044136 v product category ... more

dvds binding dvd region code 2 director noel
coward david l format pal label itv studios home
entertainment release date 15 09 2008 discs 1
height 15 mm width 138 mm length 180 mm weight 82
grams language english manufacturer itv studios
home entertainment publisher itv studios home
entertainment studio itv studios home
entertainment actor noel coward bernard miles john
mills celia johnson kay walsh running ti

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In Which We Serve (restored) Dvd

In Which We Serve (restored) Dvd

in which we serve restored dvd view our feedback estocks item delivery returns untitled ... more

document title in which we serve restored dvd
region code 2 discs 1 format dvd pal rating
universal suitable for all released 2008 09 15
staring in which we serve we aim to dispatch all
of our items within 1 working day of your order
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peak times please refer to the estimated delivery
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arrive make sure you supply us wi

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In Which We Serve (special Edition) [dvd] [1942]

In Which We Serve (special Edition) [dvd] [1942]

ean 5037115016638 title in which we serve se sku dv 001026222 v product category dvds ... more

binding dvd region code 2 director noel coward
david l format pal label itv studios home
entertainment release date 26 09 2008 discs 1
height 15 mm width 138 mm length 180 mm weight 82
grams language english manufacturer itv studios
home entertainment publisher itv studios home
entertainment studio itv studios home
entertainment actor noel coward john mills derek
elphinstone michael wilding robert sansom runnin

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Battle Of The River Plate/in Which We Serve/we Dive At Dawn - Dvd - - Sealed

Battle Of The River Plate/in Which We Serve/we Dive At Dawn - Dvd - - Sealed

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plate in which we serve we di

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Community Level 1morgan1878


In which we serve

AdvantagesRegion 0 - Will play on any player

DisadvantagesNot many special features

"...the Torrin from her construction in an English shipyard to her sinking off the coast of Crete during World War 2.The engrossing story is told in a series of flashbacks recounted by the only survivors of the sunken vessel as they fight for survival on a raft in the Mediterranean Sea.Although the transfer to dvd is not the best it hardly takes anything away from the experiece. Starring Noel Coward,John Mills and Richard Attenborough and directed by ..." Read review

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DVD Description

An engrossing account of the sinking of the British destroyer HMS Torrin during the Battle of Crete. Three survivors on a raft recount their lives aboard the sunken vessel. Academy Award Nominations: 2, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay.

Product details

Actor(s) Noel Coward, John Mills, Bernard Miles, Celia Johnson
Director(s) Noel Coward, David Lean
Genre War
Classification Universal
Production Year 1942
Colour Black & White
Running Time 2 hours 18 minutes
Video Category Feature Film
Plot Dramatic story of a British Navy destroyer, dive-bombed in the awful Battle of Crete, but always gallant to the last. Plus documentary.

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 28/01/2002
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No 37115 01663
Barcode 5037115016638
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Main Language English
Hearing Impaired Language English

Technical information

Special Features Special Edition, Documentary, Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery, Theatrical Trailer, Cast And Crew Biographies, Interactive Menus
Sound Dolby Stereo, DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1
Dubbing Sound Dolby Digital 2.0 Kurdish


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