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Deadly Outlaw Rekka [DVD]

Deadly Outlaw Rekka [DVD]

Endo Kenichi Deadly Outlaw Rekka

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Deadly Outlaw Rekka ? DVD

Deadly Outlaw Rekka ? DVD

From the cult director of AUDITION and ICHI THE KILLER comes this saga of organised crime ... more

featuring as its anti-hero the apogee of
bloodthirsty brutality Kunisada. When the boss of
one Yakuza is murdered the crime ring plots
revenge against the rival g...

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DVD Description

From the cult director of AUDITION and ICHI THE KILLER comes this saga of organised crime, featuring as its anti-hero the apogee of bloodthirsty brutality, Kunisada. When the boss of one Yakuza is murdered, the crime ring plots revenge against the rival gang who perpetrated the killing, and enlists Kunisada's help. Amidst the vicious bloodbath, however, Kunisada discovers some shady dealings within his own 'family', and, knowing too much, becomes a threat to those he serves. Finding himself the enemy of both clans, the film becomes a raucous rampage punctuated by comic highlights and characteristic Miike audacity.

Product details

Genre Action & Adventure
Classification 18 years and over
Production Year 2002
Colour Colour
Video Category World Cinema Feature Film
Country Of Origin Japan

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Screenwriter Shigenori Takechi


Main Language English\Finnish\French\Italian
Subtitle Language English

Technical information

Sound Dolby Digital Stereo, 2.0 Surround


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similar by Price (5 GBP to 10 GBP)
Offers a few shocks, some very creepy moments
Lack of pace, no sustained sense of dread, some hokey mad-science (*)
great storyline, Toshiro Mifune, atmospheric scenes
Japanese styles of acting may not to be some liking. (*)
Unique, inspired animation
some find subtitles annoying but there use here is minimal (*)
Great Direction, writing and acting
Too violent for some (*)
Exceptional performances create fresh, intriguing relationships.
Jumbled plot, inconsistent subtitling. (*)
similar by Country of Origin (Japan)
Brilliantly disturbing exploration of the slightly darker heart of Japanese culture
Some people will immediately be put off by the content (*)
similar by Genre (Action/Adventure)
Clever interweaving of story and plots. Superb cast and unpredictable.
Some under developed characters who could be easily be erased. (*)
Jaw-dropping special effects, lots of humour
Bit light on plot, arguably very silly in parts (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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