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I was recently given a video as a gift for doing one of my neighbours a favor, Chicken Run. The front cover boasts that the film is made by the same team that made the Wallace and Gromit features. Can’t be that bad then, as I adore that broad Yorkshire man and his play dough canine ... Read review
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Chicken Run ? DVD
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Chicken Run [DVD] [2000]

Chicken Run [DVD] [2000]

As warming as a nice cup of tea on a cloudy day, Chicken Run is that charming singularity, ... more

a commercially successful British family movie
that has near-universal appeal without
compromising its inherent British pluckiness (that
will be the first and last poultry-pun in this
review). It invites us into the Plasticine-world
of Tweedy's farm, a far-from-free-range egg
factory ruled with an axe of iron by greedy Mrs
Tweedy. One intrepid chicken, Ginger (voiced by
Julia Sawalha) sets her sights on breaking out the
whole flock, a cast of beautifully individuated
chicken characters including ditsy Babs (voiced by
Jane Horrocks), matronly Bunty (Imelda Staunton)
and practical-minded Mac (Lynn Ferguson). Each
effort is thwarted, and Ginger repeatedly reaps a
spell in the coal bunker for her troubles,
prompting the first of many allusions to The Great
Escape, one of several World War II films
name-checked throughout.(Grown-ups will have a
ball playing Spot-the-Allusion Game here.) When an
American rooster named Rocky (Mel Gibson)
literally drops in from the air, the hens are set
all a-flutter with excitement thinking he'll help
teach them to fly away at last. But Rocky is not
all he seems. Although the action sags just a
fraction around the 40-minute mark, it's the set
pieces that really lift this into the realm of
cartoon genius: the montage of inept flying
attempts, Rocky and Ginger's narrow escape from
Mrs Tweedy's new pie machine (an horrific
contraption of chomping steel and industrial
menace) and the magnificent, soaring climax.
Despite the fact British animators (such as the
directors, Nick Park and Peter Lord, themselves)
regularly scoop Oscars for their short films, our
record in full-feature length cartoons has been
scrappy at best. There have been a few
highlights--Animal Farm (1955), The Yellow
Submarine (1968), Watership Down (1978)--and, er,
that's about it really, unless you count The Magic
Roundabout: Dougal and the Blue Cat. ChickenRun,
made by the Aardman production house who produced
the delightful Wallace and Gromit shorts among
many other treats, has proved that Britain can
compete with the most calculated, merchandised and
screen-tested Disney production and win. --Leslie

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Chicken Run [dvd] [2000]

Chicken Run [dvd] [2000]

ean 5060002837214 title chicken run sku dv 001284410 v product category dvds binding dvd ... more

region code 2 director peter lord nick par format
pal label 20 th century fox home entertainment
release date 15 10 2012 discs 1 height 15 mm width
138 mm length 180 mm weight 82 grams language
english none manufacturer 20 th century fox home
entertainment publisher 20 th century fox home
entertainment studio 20 th century fox home
entertainment actor julia sawalha mel gibson
miranda richardson imelda staunt

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Chicken Run, Main Titles

Chicken Run, Main Titles

This witty and entertaining movie brought some amazingly strong musical themes. While ... more

paying homage to the classic WWII movie themes,
kazoos and whistling are cleverly incorporated for
a bit of whimsy. Songs: Main Titles

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Chicken Run – DVD

Chicken Run – DVD

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Community Level 7deano_76


Chicken Run Equals Chicken Fun

AdvantagesBrilliant animation, funny, great family entertainment and basically everything else about the film.

DisadvantagesAbsolutely None.

"...of my neighbours a favor, Chicken Run. The front cover boasts that the film is made by the same team that made the Wallace and Gromit features. Can’t be that bad then, as I adore that broad Yorkshire man and his play dough canine friend. There is always one of the three 20 minute Wallace and Gromit films on TV over the Christmas holidays, in fact seeing them at Christmas has almost become as mandatory Yuletide viewing as the Indiana Jones ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 8tange


Chicken Run is Chicken Fun.

AdvantagesGreat story, great cast.

DisadvantagesIt had to end..didn't want it to

"Chicken Run was released on video and DVD in 2000 and is a feature length animation from Aardman studios: The Nick Park led outfit that bought us Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts. It is described officially as a "claymation" film, rather than "Animation", because the characters are made of clay rather than drawn. I was a bit dubious at first because, although Wallace and Gromit has become a classic, could Nick Park sustain this throughout ..." Read review

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Community Level 3LUMP


Why did the chicken want 2 fly

Advantagesfunny and generally a pleasure to watch


"...the fact that when a chicken slacks off on the old egg laying they end up on the kitchen table as supper for the Tweedy's.(The chicken farm owners) Ginger attempts escape many times but Mr Tweedy is on to her plan and keeps a vigilant eye on the chickens and every time she gets caught and put into “solitary confinement” which is the coal shed. Gingers prayers are answered when Rocky literally drops in along with a poster showing ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Martin.row...


RUN chicken RUN

AdvantagesVery original and funny


"...wife, and woe betide any chicken that cant produce as they end up on the dinner plate!! Try explaining that to a 4 year old! The escape scenes in this film are very reminniscant of such films as The Great Escape and other world war II films, even the chickens end up in 'The cooler'! Well as thier attempts to escape keep being thwarted by the farmer and his dogs all looks pretty bleak, until the unannounced arrival of ROCKY the rooster. He ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

This ain't no chick flick!

AdvantagesHilarious, witty


"Chicken Run is an animated comedy set on a farm in 1950's Yorkshire. It tells the story of a group of chickens who are made to lay a certain number of eggs a week. If they don't meet this quota they find themselves on the chopping board. One particularly head-strong hen called Ginger thinks there is more to life than this and dreams of escaping to a better life. However, she has some trouble convincing the others, who are more set in their ways. The ..." Read review

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DVD Description

Facing imminent death while laying eggs at Tweedy's English farm, a group of chickens led by the determined Ginger (Julia Sawahla, BBC-TV's ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS) plan to escape their prisonlike coop. The situation goes from bad to worse when the sinister Mrs. Tweedy (Miranda Richardson) decides to stop selling eggs and use the hens as the main ingredient in chicken pot pies. However, some hope literally falls from the sky in the form of Rocky (Mel Gibson), an American rooster who promises to teach the chickens how to fly. As the hens begin their struggle to get airborne, the monstrous pie-making machine arrives, giving the chickens precious little time to make their great escape.
Aardman Studios' first full-length feature film is a stunning showcase of stop-motion animation. Utilizing the unique Plasticine designs of the acclaimed WALLACE & GROMIT and CREATURE COMFORT shorts, CHICKEN RUN features vibrant visuals and colorful characters that are immediately endearing. (The naive and constantly knitting Babs, voiced by Jane Horrocks, is particularly hilarious.) With its clever writing, witty film references, and pitch-perfect combination of comedy, drama, and romance, CHICKEN RUN is one of those rare movies that genuinely appeals to viewers of every age.

Product details

Actor(s) Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson, Julia Sawalha, Phil Daniels, Jane Horrocks, Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, John Sharian, Lisa Kay, Laura Strachan
Director(s) Peter Lord, Nick Park
Genre Comedy
Classification Universal
Production Year 2000
Running Time 1 hour 21 minutes
Video Category Feature Film
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Plot Set on a Yorkshire farm in the 1950's, this is the story of a group of repressed chickens who are owned by the evil Mr and Mrs Tweedy. Things start to happen when an American chicken, Rocky, arrives on the farm, he finds romance with a hen called Ginger and together they hatch a plan to escape to freedom...

Release details

DVD Region DVD
Release date 04/12/2000
No of Discs 1
Catalogue No P 8990 DVD
Show all Product InformationHide additional Product Information
Barcode 5060002830574
Producer Aardman Animations, Mel Gibson, Peter Lord, Nick Park, Jack Rosenthal
Animation Nick Park, Peter Lord
Featured Jane Horrocks, Julia Sawalha, Mel Gibson
Executive Producer Mel Gibson
Creator Nick Park
Voice Miranda Richardson, Phil Daniels, Imelda Staunton, Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks, Timothy Spall, Mel Gibson
Author Peter Lord, Nick Park
Screenwriter Karey Kirkpatrick, Jack Rosenthal, Nick Park


Main Language English
Subtitle Language None
Hearing Impaired Language English

Technical information

Special Features Teaser Trailer, Regular Trailer, Chicken Impossible Trailer, Chicken Run Game Trailer, Fowl Play The Making Of Chicken Run, Chickens Go In Pies Come Out, Aardman Archive Clips, Directors Commentary, Audio Described, DVD ROM Material, Interactive Moving Menus
Aspect Ratio 1.85 Wide Screen, 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen
Sound Dolby Digital 5.1
Dubbing Sound Dolby Digital 5.1 English
Animated Animated

Professional reviews

Review "...[CHICKEN RUN] will hypnotize the young...[And] is packed with the kind of detail that adults will like, too....It's immensely satisfying, a divinely relaxed and confident film." (New York Times, pp.E1-E6, 21/06/2000)

"...Pleasures abound, particularly the dizzying pie-machine sequence." -- 3 out of 5 stars -- A Satisfying Rental (Premiere, p.98, 01/12/2000)

"...Devilishly clever Claymation..." (Rolling Stone, p.133, 08/06/2000)

"...CHICKEN RUN is a spectacular piece of stop-motion, clay-figure animation....A world of visual miracles..." (Rolling Stone, p.146, 06/07/2000)

"...Aardman's laid a golden egg which offers plenty of poultry powered thrills..." -- 4 out of 5 stars (Total Film, p.83, 01/07/2000)

"...Poultry has never been so stuffed with personality....A little slapstick, a little action, rich characters and a whopping serving of wit. All baked to near-perfection." -- 3.5 out of 4 stars (USA Today, p.2D, 21/06/2000)


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Incredibly funny. Brad Pitt is outstanding, but the dog steals the show
Not a lot. Maybe a bit violent for some people's tastes. (*)
There are some nicely observed moments.
It is deeply unoriginal in all respects. (*)
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Great christmas movie!
Hugh Grant and Martine! (*)
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50 year old Jerry Seinfiled as a young college graduate bee (*)
Great story, excellent acting, good fun film
none really taking the age into account (*)
A great modern disney classic - simple fun and a great watch.
Some would view this as cheesey - I don't so don't see this as a disadvantage but some would. (*)
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Some good acting
Far inferior to the original (*)
Extremely funny, the "maid" & "police officer" !
Your sides may need stitching up afterwards.... (*)
Very, very funny. Good performances from the cast
Black humour and lots of blood and gore (*)
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see review (*)
Characters, some funny moments, entertaining, plot twist, Cameron Diaz 'eye candy' for men
Not especially original or memorable overall (*)
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