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...watch it yourself to see what happens! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​~ Case 39 starts off very well. We are introduced to Emily, a caring social worker who is under a lot of pressure with several cases to deal with. When she investigates the Sullivan family, she is appalled ... Read review

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Don’t take on more than you can handle!

AdvantagesEntertaining, good beginning, easy to watch

DisadvantagesRather silly in parts

"...the direction the storyline of Case 39 takes, some over-acting occurs….but such really is inevitable, given what happens in the film. I did quite like the musical score, which is a mixture of dramatic, fairly chilling orchestrated pieces, mixed with what sound like random electronic and percussive sounds….no doubt for effect. As far as Case 39 as a whole film is concerned, it is gripping and very watchable, but goes way over the top, ..." Read review

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Prompted to rescue ten-year-old Lillith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) from her parents after allegations of abuse suggest that the child is not safe in her own home, kind-hearted social worker Emily Jenkins (Renee Zellweger) discovers to her horror that the situation is far deadlier than she ever suspected. Ian McShane and Bradley Cooper also star in the thriller from ANTIBODIES director Christian Alvart.

Product details

Actor(s) Kerry O'Malley, Renee Zellweger, Adrian Lester, Callum Keith Rennie, Bradley Cooper, Ian McShane, Jodelle Ferland
Director(s) Christian Alvart
Genre Horror
Classification 15 years and over
Production Year 2009
Colour Colour
Official Website http://www.case39movie.com/
Consumer Advice Contains strong sustained threat and bloody violence
Video Category Feature Film
Country Of Origin United States of America

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DVD Region DVD


Main Language English

Technical information

Special Features Deleted Scenes, Filed Under Evil: Inside Case 39 - Featurette, Inside The Hornet's Nest - Featurette, Playing With Fire - Featurette, Turing Up The Heat On The Chill Factor - Featurette
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Professional reviews

Review [D]irector Christian Alvart manages to keep the emotionally charged events moving at a fair clip [...] (Radio Times, 2010-07-02)

Director Alvart knows how to shoot chilly and unwelcoming, bleaching his movie with a grey-blue finish. (Sky Movies, 2010-07-02)

[...] it's enjoyably over-the-top and delivers the requisite [...] thrills. (View London, 2010-07-02)


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Stylish, intelligent, nasty, sexy
A bit too long (*)
It's relatively short.
It isn't short enough, or scary, well directed, written or acted. (*)
Very watchable, well-acted, an all-time classic, interesting special effects, a very scary ending
I suppose it's way over the top, but nonetheless still entertaining (*)
Good graphics and a good remake.
I wanted the ordinal gonna get you song in this film (*)
similar by Media Format (DVD)
Hawke's acting pulls you in; fairly original ideas.
Some disturbing imagery (although it is a horror flick!) (*)
Fantastic movie if you have avoided the hype
Could have been marginally longer (*)
Good Fun, Impressive Deaths, Decent Performances
Fustrating Script, Some Bad Cliche, Bland Dialouge (*)
Decent cast, special effects/action, some humour
Story/script felt lacking ('lazy') overall, not very memorable (*)
Everything (*)
similar by Classification (15 years and over)
Lots of jolts and jumps and some good effects
Very silly story and very limited basis on 'true events' (*)
Relatively entertaining when watching the first time
Unimaginative, boring ending. (*)
Scary, good storyline, brilliant acting.
None. (*)
Brilliant scenery, Great action, good characters
Could have more SP/FX (*)
Very faithful and scary game to film conversion...
Maybe a little to scary and disturbing for some... (*)
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