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Welcome to our DVD category! Have you recently bought a new DVD Player or Home Cinema System? What you need is plenty of DVDs, so read reviews, compare prices and buy DVDs from the best UK shops online. Whether you are searching for an action, horror, comedy, romance or family film there is something for you in our ... more

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An Eery Civil War Related Epic

20.09.2017 Review of Cold Mountain (DVD)

"...=== - Story - === Towards the end of the American civil war, an injured soldier undertakes a long and hazardous journey back home to so called Cold Mountain in North Carolina, with hopes of reconvening with the love of his life. Will things work out? you ..."

Read full review by IzzyS

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"To write well, you have to write what you know."

20.09.2017 Review of Never Been Kissed (DVD)

"...= Never Been Kissed is what I would call a ‘Chick Flick’, as it’s a little cheesy and a typical romantic comedy. I have seen this film a couple of times and to be honest out of all the chick flicks, I have seen it’s not one of my favourite ..."

Read full review by kiss_me2070

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

From opposite sides....

20.09.2017 Review of Five Minutes Of Heaven (DVD)

"RELEASED: 2009, Cert. 15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 20mins DIRECTOR: Oliver Hirschbiegel SCREENPLAY: Guy Hibbert PRODUCERS: Eoin O’Callaghan & Stephen Wright MUSIC: David Holmes MAIN CAST:- Liam Neeson as Alistair when adult Mark Davison as Alistai ..."

Read full review by CelticSoulSister

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Next Friday

20.09.2017 Review of Next Friday (2000)

"On a Friday, my boyfriend and I often pop into our local CEX store to peruse the second hand DVDs hoping to find a decent flick to watch over the weekend. Last weekend, we spotted the movie 'Next Friday' a sequel to the 1995 film 'Friday', having both enj ..."

Read full review by Candyperfumegirl

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